19 Delta Cavalry Scout Military Themed T-Shirt

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19 Delta Cavalry Scout (19D) are the eyes and ears of the battlefield commander. 19 Delta Cavalry Scouts are trained reconnaissance experts who perform their craft while mounted and dismounted. They are experts at land navigation and camouflage. Their primary job is to provide battlefield commanders with intelligence regarding the enemy and terrain. This intelligence ensures main forces such as Infantry do not walk in to ambushes. They are trained on crew served weapons such as the M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle and the Stryker Armored Vehicle. 19 Delta Cav Scout training currently consist of 16 weeks of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Ft. Benning Georgia. The United States Army currently has plans to increase OSUT training to 22 weeks. Cavalry Scouts are easily identifiable in a crowd of Soldiers due to their iconic Cavalry Stetsons and Spurs. Now you can show your pride by wearing one of these 19 Delta Cavalry Scout military themed t-shirts. These premium t-shirts are side seamed and made of 100% ring spun cotton. Side Seamed t-shirts provide a better fit and are considered a premium t-shirt compared to a tubular cut t-shirt. These shirts were chosen because they are short sleeved and fit well through the chest while leaving a little room in the waist. They are so comfortable you will think you are wearing your poncho liner! Only adult sizes available.

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