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36th Infantry Division "Panther Division" also known as the T-Patchers started during the first world war as a combined Texas / Oklahoma National Guard force, with the T representing Texas and the Arrow Head representing Oklahoma. The 36th ID fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive and were known for their military achievements at Aisne as well as their victory taking of the location known as Forest Farm!

In WWII the 36th fought in North Africa and was the first US unit combat unit to fight in Europe after landing by sea at Paestum Italy and then taking part in the battle for Salerno. At one point the Division held a 35 mile sector of the front and repulsed several German counter attacks with the aid of Navy guns and air support.

From 1947 to 2004 the Texas Army National Guard was designated as the 49th Armored Division. In 2004 the 49th was reorganized as the 36th Infantry Division and the T-Patchers were back. Help us honor this amazing division by getting your hands on one of these sweet 4in. tall vehicle stickers and let the world know you were a member of the history making Division.

Unlike the vehicle decals, our vehicle stickers do not come with a FUBAR guarantee. Please take your time during install to ensure correct alignment and no air bubbles.