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3rd Armored Division "Spearhead" unofficially called the "3rd Herd" was activated in 1941. The 3rd AD fought in the European theater during WWII. The division received title of Spearhead by leading the US First Army through Normandy. The division fought in the famous battles of Saint-Lo, the Hurtgen Forrest, and the infamous Battle of the Buldge. After WWII the unit was stationed at Frankfurt am Main and protected western Europe from Soviet invasion during the Cold War. In 1990 the division deployed to the Persian Gulf with VII Corps for Operation Desert Shield. On 23rd of February the 3rd Armored Division along with 1st AD and 2nd ACR launched attacks west of Kuwait taking part in what was the largest tank battle since WWII, the battle of "73 Easting". Following the 1st Gulf War the Division was officially deactivated at Fort Knox  on the 17th of October 1992.

Let the world know you were a part of the "Third Herd" by getting your hands on one of these awesome 4in X 4in vehicle stickers.

Unlike the vehicle decals, our vehicle stickers do not come with a FUBAR guarantee. Please take your time during install to ensure correct alignment and no air bubbles.