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Traditional Cavalry were designed to break up large enemy formations on the battlefield. Fighting from horseback the Cavalry units could cover long distances much quicker than typical Infantry. Wielding long heavy curved swords which gave the horse back Soldiers an advantage against Infantry in battle. Most of the traditions of Modern Cavalry units come from the great battles during the American Indian Wars. Even though these wars were a series of skirmishes over several centuries the American Indian wars that most Americans think of were the battles fought post Civil War. The result of the American victory from the Mexican American War was the capture of large swaths of land that were inhabited by many Indian Tribes. US Army Cavalry units were the units that provided security during the westward expansion of the US across these untamed territories.

Cavalry Units are not just another Army unit, they are a way of life. There is a reason Cavalry Soldiers proudly wear their stetsons. Their role on the battlefield is unique, consisting typically of RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition). Now you can show you lived the Cavalry Life by wearing one of these "Cav Life"  t-shirts. These premium t-shirts are side seamed and made of 100% ring spun cotton. They are so comfortable you will think you are wearing your poncho liner! Only adult sizes available.

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