Combat Arms Is A Dirty Job!

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Ask any Soldiers with a Combat Arms Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) if they think their job is a dirty one and you will get a resounding YES!

11B Infantryman are the primary combat force for the US Army. Each Infantryman performs as a member of a fire team during ground combat operations.

13B Cannon Crewmember support Infantry and Tank units by providing indirect fire support (Artillery) using their Howitzer cannons.

11C Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortars) provide in-close indirect fire support to Infantry units. 

12B Engineers, sometimes referred to as “Sappers” are tasked with constructing fortified positions, route clearance, and did I mention “Blow Things Up”?

13F Joint Fire Support Specialist also referred to as Forward Observers or FiSTers (Fire Support Teams) provide direction and corrections to Artillery during fire missions.

19K M1 Armor Crewman (Tankers) maintain and operate the M1 Abrams tank. These rolling fortresses provide direct fire on enemy positions.

19D Cavalry Scout are the eyes and ears of the battlefield commander. Cavalry Scouts are tasked primarily with reconnaissance and surveillance.

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